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Get Your School In Front Of Your Target Market By Getting Interviewed On TV And In Newspapers

We don't get paid until AFTER we get you a media interview

You don’t pay for press releases or “creative ideas”

No retainer

You’re not locked into paying us monthly.  Only pay for actual media interviews

Why We're The Solution For Trade Schools

The promise:
We get you interviewed in the media.  You don’t pay until AFTER we get you a media interview.  There are no retainers and we aren’t looking to replace your PR team.  

Media interviews include tv, newspaper, radio, local magazines and local websites.  Our speciality is TV and newspaper interviews.  Many of the TV stations and newspapers have websites that get over 500k visitors each month.  These are audiences that are your potential students.

We help you reach a larger audience so that you get more visibility and so that potential students understand the benefit that your school can have for their career.

The problem:
People have lots of choices when it comes to their education.  Traditional universities get a lot of attention and lots of students.

Your target market may not know that your school exists and how it can help their career.

These days people have many choices when it comes to education.

You might be experiencing…
You might realize that many potential students don’t know that your school exists.

You might have hired a PR team but didn’t get many if any media interviews.

Many PR agencies are expensive and require a retainer.

Maybe you have a staff member who is responsible for PR but they don’t understand the process for getting journalists and reporters interested in doing an interview about your school.

You realize that you are paying a staff member to be the PR person but they aren’t getting any media interviews.

Where we’ll take you…
Let’s start by getting you a media interview.  This will be a media interview that showcases your school and explains why it’s a great choice for students.  You won’t pay for us to do press releases or to brainstorm “creative ideas”.  You will only pay once we get you a media interview.

Next we’re going to show you how to use that media interview as a marketing tool to enroll new students.  

Finally we’re going to train your PR person on our process for getting media interviews so that you get tv interviews and newspaper interviews on a regular basis.  Your PR person will become an asset that knows the exact steps to get media interviews and how to use those media interviews to market to your target audience.

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